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BBC News: Deadly blasts hit Gaza and Israel
Monday 28th July 2014
Poppies in Yorkshire. Click for live BBC News

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Live BBC News for Surrey

Abuse victims 'need more trial help'

Historical sexual abuse court cases could be "rebalanced" to make it "a little fairer" for victims to give evidence, the director of public prosecutions in England and Wales has said after the inquest into the death of Surrey violinist Frances Andrade.

Beauty spots still at fracking 'risk'

Some environmental campaigners say that rules for new fracking licences are not tough enough to protect National Parks.

Man held over sports centre fires

A 29-year-old man is arrested over several suspected arson attacks in Surrey, many targeting sports centres.

Perils of the English countryside

The risks you may run while taking a walk in the English countryside.

Ex-pats groups' fear over future

Welsh ex-pat societies in England say they are struggling to attract younger members - apart from one group in Surrey where attendance is high and numbers are rising.

Five famous Scots with no vote

Five famous Scots with no vote

Salisbury Plain gets Spanish bustard

Re-introducing the world's heaviest flying bird